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Experienced Electrician in Morehead, KY

Imagining a world without lights almost seems impossible in this age, so when something malfunctions, having a trusted electrician you can turn to for help is essential. Here at Trent’s Electric in Morehead, KY, we serve 14 counties in the region with the service and solutions they need to keep their electricity up and running properly.    

If you have flickering or dimming lights in your office, don’t wait to have the problem checked, as a poor connection could be the culprit. Take proactive steps to prevent a complete electrical breakdown by calling us. We guarantee a prompt response to have the issue tested the right way. An overloaded circuit is another problem that should be handled immediately because of the potential for fire. When this has occurred, we will instruct you on how to keep everyone safe before we get there, and we’ll fix the issue quickly, so you don’t have to worry.

New home remodels require work from a variety of people, but when you need complete electrical work in your home, we are the ones to call for service. From underground electrical for your pool or outdoor patio to a complete wiring job throughout the home, we have the correct tools and skills to finish the job.

Call our electricians today to receive the best service in the entire region.